Framing the Wimmera

Our landscape is unique and diverse, whilst pictures allow you to capture the essence of the moment and beauty of the region

Back in 2005, Nati Frinj festival founder and local artist Dr. Greg Pritchard installed a large wooden frame outside Natimuk that framed My Arapiles. It has since become a local tourist attraction. Inspired by the success of this installation, Horsham Rural City Council’s Public Art Committee commissioned four structural frames to frame outstanding views of the municipality, the project known as Framing the Wimmera came to life.


Experience the frames created by Banyena Artist Donal Molly-Drum and tag your images #framingthewimera or facebook/framingthewimmera. These frames showcase Mt Arapiles, the Wimmera River, the Grampians and Toolondo Reservoir. So explore the region and travel the loop to experience the arts side of the region

Framing The Wimmera 2015 2 Grampians View 1 Jpg