Arapiles Historical Society

The Arapiles Historical Society (AHS) is volunteer run and community supported. Based in the town of Natimuk, AHS have three sites – the Court House, the former Natimuk Garage and the former Natimuk Masonic Hall.

The Arapiles Historical Society (AHS) was formed at a public meeting in Natimuk on 1 March 1962. Since then AHS has been the custodian of a growing collection of items from around the Arapiles region, which have the potential to present aspects of the history of the Arapiles district in a detailed and lively fashion.

The Arapiles Historical Society has also been involved in projects such as the restoration in 1966 of the Polkemmet cemetery, the building of an obelisk near the site of Major Mitchell’s 1836 camp on the west side of Mount Arapiles in 1970, and the 2001 Natimuk Tidy Towns historical-markers initiative. These Arapiles Historical Society projects provide a snapshot of the history of Natimuk and the surrounding district.


Images courtesy of Arapiles Facebook Page