Arapiles Big Sky Bike Trail

The Arapiles Big Sky Bike Trail connects the small town of Natimuk to Mt Arapiles, which rises dramatically from the Wimmera plains. The trail is a 33km off-road recreational trail looping through the verdant landscape surrounding Natimuk, Natimuk Lake, Mitre Lake, Mitre Rock and Mt Arapiles.

As you make your way along the trail you will discover grasslands that host up to 500 plant species, you can climb sand dunes and, in Spring, behold magnificent canola fields stretching to the horizon.

You may also encounter some of the local wildlife. From the pinnacle of Mt Arapiles you will enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding areas stretching from the Little Desert National Park in the north to the Grampians in the east. The Arapiles Big Sky trail can be completed as a loop, be experienced in smaller sections and is best travelled with a mountain bike.

Small Arapiles Bike Trail