Locally Produced

The region specialises in a range of produce offering olives, olive oil, wool, lamb, lentils, chickpeas, turkey, fruit and vegetables, wildflowers, wine, soap and more.

The Wartook Valley region of the Grampians is renowned for its Mediterranean vibes rich in olives, olives oils, wildflowers and simply a relaxing getaway.

Further north into the Wimmera plains, lentils and chickpeas are grown. The Wimmera wheat and grains are baked into bread’s and pure honey caters for the sweet tooth.

Beef, lamb, turkey and duck are all produced in the region, and may be found at restaurants, hotel bistros and cafes.

These include Indian, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian, Mexican, Italian, cuisine as well as traditional Aussie favourites.

Farmers and businesses throughout the region grow quality organic vegetables, premium red and white wines, native wildflowers, trees and shrubs. Experience the taste of the regional local produce for yourself !

The Horsham and Grampians Visitor Information Centre is where you will find an array of local produce for sale. Let the Centre staff guide you through the wide and varied selection with gift packages readly available.