Local Arts Festivals

Small Nati Frinj

Local Arts Festivals


Diverse and challenging arts events, exhibitions and festivals can be found in Horsham and the nearby communities of Natimuk and Wartook ValleyArt is … festival will now be held on the June long weekend, is acclaimed for its focus on community participation and development.

Each year a different theme encourages local and guest artists to contribute to a challenging range of arts activities, often including large scale performances and installations.

Awakenings festival was one of the first to focus on all abilities and has become an international event. It has been accurately dubbed “the festival of a thousand smiles”

Near Arapiles the active community of Natimuk hosts the biennial Nati Frinj festival, expect the unexpected in this art and climbing community.

Natimuk houses international arts companies, including Bambucco and YSpace. And there are regular, often eccentric arts events such as the Palais de Pixel film society.

The Goat Gallery in Natimuk is one of the best private galleries in the region, run largely by artists of the community. Exhibitions change each month and a wide range of visual and multimedia arts are shown.

Towards the Grampians, in the Wartook Valley, is another focus for the arts with artisans housed at Wartook Artist Studio within the Wander Inn Restaurant . Here you can view and purchase a wide variety of fibre, wood and ceramic arts, painting and jewellery made by artists of the region.