Go Bush on the Edge of Horsham

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Go Bush on the Edge of Horsham


The Horsham Police Paddock covers an area of 48.5 hectares on the northern edge of the city, providing recreational opportunities for walkers, cyclists, anglers, bird watchers and dog owners in a natural woodland setting.

The Police Paddock forms part of an important wildlife corridor, providing connecting habitat to the Wimmera River. The reserve features a black box swamp, a remnant of the endemic vegetation of the area. There are extensive man-made wetlands that are home to many species of birds and fish.

The area has three major functions. It provides a recreational and tourism focus, a habitat for native wildlife, and collects drainage water from residential areas, which is then used for watering Council’s Parkland.


The Police Paddock is a great place to picnic, with easy access parking close to the lake. The new environmental toilet caters for all, including visitors with limited mobility.


A number of walking tracks allow visitors to view the different habitat areas of the reserve. Some areas are not accessible in wet weather.

A Bird’s Eye View

There are two bird hides located in the reserve beside the lakes, providing an opportunity to relax and enjoy nature at work. One hide is located a short 50m walk from the car park along a track that is all weather accessible and wheelchair friendly. The other hide is best accessed from the south-west entrance to the park, and is located on the west side of the middle lake.

Future Directions

Management of the reserve will encourage local residents, service clubs and schools to actively participate, ensuring that it is regarded as an asset for Horsham and an area of which everyone will be proud. Plans include more visitor facilities such as new trails through the park, an information board, and enhancement of the natural habitat.