Grampians Fishing Trail

Grampians Fishing Trail

Anglers are well catered for, in and around Horsham, with a large variety of fishing opportunities all year round. Species such as Brown and Rainbow Trout, Redfin, Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Catfish, Silver Perch and Yabbies are all abundant in the Wimmera's many beautiful waterways.

Experience the Grampians Fishing Trail in the beautiful Grampians North West and visit Lake Toolondo Reservoir, Rocklands Reservoir and Lake Wartook Rerservoir.

Lake Toolondo (Reservoir) 

Well known and a favourite for Trout and Redfin with outstanding catches being regularly reported. The reservoir offers great fishing experiences, whether you are into fly fishing, bait or lure fishing. The majority of fish, including trout, are taken by boat fishing around trees with bait such as worms, gudgeon and yabbies or by spinning in open waters. The lake is also popular for swimming and boating activities.

Rocklands Reservoir

The reservoir is a well known waterway for fishing and boating activities, as the lake boasts a good variety of fish species including Trout and Redfin.

There is a good stretch of bank fishing near the dam wall. However, a boat is necessary to reach the more remote areas of the dam. The tranquil waters of Rocklands contain flooded forest and submerging logs and boat users should exercise extreme care and be alert for submerged logs.

Please note the boating is prohibited within 200 metres of the dam wall. Boat ramps are located at Rocklands wall, Hynes, Glendinning, Fergusons and Mountain Dam. Small boats can be launched around the shoreline.

Rockland reservoir is the second larges lake in Victoria, the dam wall was constructed during the 1950's, the water reservoir is a popular fishing and recreational area which draw people from across the greater region.

Lake Wartook Reservoir

This lake is located in the Grampians National Park and bordered by the majestic mountain ranges in the backdrop.

Lake Wartook is an anglers heaven for catching Brown Trout and Redfin. The waterway is clear, there is a small island known as Bear Island just east of the middle of the lake. The eastern side of the lake is shallower with extensive weed beds and a good spot to soak a mudeye or fly fishing from a boat. The middle of the lake near the wall is very deep and a good spot to drift for the local Redfin. Miximum boat speed is 8 knots.

Fishing off the wall is permitted and provides comfortable bank fishing. The wall is a popular bank fishing spot due to its close prominity to the picnic facilities and car park. Many fishermen use unweighted scrub worms off the wall and fish with an open bail arm. Live minnow and mudeye suspended under a bubble float are also popular baits.

Trolling lures is also very popular and productive due to the clarity of the water. Brighter lures seem to do a better and deep divers will account for redfin and trout during summer when the surface is a little too warm.

Other Regional Waterways

Taylors Lake

18 kilometres from Horsham Taylors Lake is very popular for boating, water skiing, swimming and provides good fishing for Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Redfin and Yabbies. Some very large Murray Cod and many trophy specimens are landed here by lucky anglers every year. Boat anglers are well catered for with a very good boat ramp.

Green Lake

Is the gateway to Horsham and is used for a variety of water sports, and is one of the region's most productive native fishing waters, as well as being ideal for swimming, windsurfing and water skiing. Green Lake has currently very low water levels.

The Wimmera River

The Wimmera River, which runs right through Horsham, is an excellent spot for Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Catfish and Redfin. It has the most abundant population of Catfish in Victoria, which makes for some great angling. Other popular areas of the Wimmera River are at Dimboola, Antwerp and Jeparit.There are many boat ramps and picnic areas along the river's length.

Natimuk Lake

A nature lover's paradise. The lake is popular for all kinds of water activities and provides the prospect of Trout, Redfin and Yabbies. On the western side Mt. Arapiles provides an attractive backdrop for a plenitude of wildlife, which includes the rare freckled duck, pelicans, spoonbills, cranes and many more. (Please note that Natimuk Lake currently has low water levels).