Planning an Event

PLANNING AN EVENT - with the Horsham Municipality

Horsham Rural City Council Promotions Department assists organisations to navigate their way through issues involved in planning and marketing of events. As an event organiser you are most likely required to completed the following documents especially if you require any support from Council.

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Event & Festival Notification Form - complete the document as a hard copy


Event & Festival Notification Form - Complete this as an online process

The event notification form has been developed to aid and assist Horsham Rural City Council and community groups alike to plan and manage their events in an effective and efficient manner. This form is required for completion if you are planning an event / festival / conference / expo that required support from Council undertaking any filming within the Horsham municipality.

Temporary Event Signage Form - complete the document as a hard copy


Temporary Event Signage Form - Complete this as an online process

This form is design for an event organiser, who may wish to consider undertaking marketing promotions via the temporary event sign boards located within Horsham and at each of the highway entries into Horsham. This is a great way to feature your event publicly.

Risk Assessment Manual - download your hard copy of the document

There is always a risk element to any one event, the Risk Assessment Manual assist and guides the event organiser through a step by step process to ensure that all avenues have been covered.

Additional Event Marketing Opportunities

Horsham and Grampians Visitor Informtion Centre provides the event organiser with the opportunity to list their event in other areas as follows:

Monthly "What's On" printed and emailed out

Weekly "What's On" in Friday's Wimmera Mail Times

Event details placed on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (which is adverised through all visit Victoria websites).

Click for additional Marketing by the Horsham & Grampians Visitor Information Centre


Looking for Marketing Sponsorship for Events & Festivals

Council offers sponsorship to assist major events and festivals held within the community to market their project outside the region, and therby attracting more visitors to the municipality. Marketing sponsorship is support by Council's Tourism Advisory Committee.

The Horsham Rural City Council  recognises the value of events to the tourism industry and the region wider community. Major events can provide an economic injection in the community by increasing visitations to the region, increasing awareness of the region and engendering community spirit and pride.

Tourism Event & Festival Application - download your hard copy of the document

Sponsorship Guidelines - download your hard copy of the document

Events range in size from markets, sporting competitions, conferences, musical and art festivals. Therefore, as a potential organiser you need to consider some of the following points:

What is the aim of your event?

Where best to hold the event?

Who will be you target audience?

How best to market your event?

Will you require licenses or permits for you event?